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Frogs Flourished After Dinosaurs Died: Study

A new study has revealed that after the asteroid strike that killed off all the dinosaurs on Earth millions of years ago, frogs got a huge leap for the frogs that colonized the planet. The study published on Monday shows how frogs became from the underwater amphibian on the corner of the ecosystem to one of the most diverse vertebrates in the ...

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Kabul: Destroyed By War But Safe Home For Birds

The UN environment agency decided to give official protection to a rare Afghan marsh to save hundreds of species of migratory birds. The place formerly used to be a royal hunting ground, before war had struck the city of Kabul. Ornithologists have noticed that the Kol-e-Hashmat Khan wetlands outside Kabul serve as a rest house for thousands of  storks, egrets, pelicans ...

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Ants began farming millions of year before humans did

Ants,farming,millions of year before,humans,ants facts,ants farming fungus,ants farming aphids

Scientists have found out that ants began farming millions of years before humans did. A team from America have looked at how ants have evolved and found that the insects had complex underground farms, growing different types of fungi. Not only that, the ants had taken fungus from its natural environment to nests in much drier climates. The fungus couldn’t survive ...

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Oil spill threatens India’s nesting turtles

Hundreds of students and fishermen were working Friday to clean up an oil spill on India’s southern coast that campaigners say threatens the turtles that nest there every year. The Indian Coast Guard said around 35 kilometres (21 miles) of coastline off the southern city of Chennai had been affected by the spill which occurred when two ships carrying fuel ...

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Humans, not climate, killed off Australia’s big beasts

Humans exterminated an array of weird and wonderful Australian creatures within only 4,000 years of arriving on the continent, according to a study published Friday that shifted blame away from climate change. Before the arrival of homo sapiens, Australia boasted 450-kilogramme (1,000-pound) kangaroos, wombats weighing as much as a rhino, eight-metre (25-foot) lizards, larger-than-human birds, and car-sized tortoises. More than 85 ...

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Conservation of threatened plants gravely ignored

Sadiqur Rahman* Conservation of the native floral species, enlisted as threatened so far, was ignored in the costly forestation projects of the government over the last decade despite policy directions in the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2005. Distributions of the exotic or alien species, mostly rapidly growing genres, had been dominated in around twenty forestation projects implemented by ...

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At the cost of ecology

Sadiqur Rahman As the heat in the country this year went up to 42.4 degree Celsius, marking a record high in 54 years, environmental activists raised concerns about the alarming rate of tree felling in Dhaka that apparently aided ‘development and beautification’. Thanks to the lack of timely rainfall, city dwellers have suffered through intense heat, humidity, summer disease and ...

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