Tropical Storm Harvey formed, posing threat to Central America’s Caribbean coast


Tropical Storm Harvey has formed several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands and may represent a danger early next week in parts of Central America’s Caribbean coast. Warnings were issued for parts of the Windward Islands, including Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Tropical Strom Warnings are issued when storm conditions are expected within 36 ...

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NASA sees Comma-Shaped Tropical Storm formation near Wake Island

NASA image

A comma-shaped Tropical Strom formation about 200 miles away from Wake Island was observed by NASA-NOAA satellite. NASA sees the fourteenth tropical cyclone of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean hurricane season on August 11 shortly after it formed. NASA says the visible light picture of the storm that showed thunderstorms around the low-level centre and a thick band wrapping from the ...

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Hurricane Franklin’s ‘Ghost’ May help form another tropical storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean

First Hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Franklin may affect the Eastern Pacific. We may call it a ghost of Hurricane Franklin. There are some areas to watch for further Tropical Storm formation as Franklin moves over Mexico. Remnant of the Hurricane’s energy and moisture may help form a separate tropical depression or storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean. ...

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Hurricane Franklin has made landfall on the coast of Mexico

Hurricane Franklin

The National Hurricane Center says the storm reached the coastline about 80 miles (128.74 kilometers) southeast of Tuxpan, Mexico, early Thursday with maximum sustained winds of 85 mph (136.79 kph). Franklin strengthened into the first hurricane of the Atlantic season on Wednesday. Authorities in Veracruz ordered classes canceled at public schools Thursday as a precautionary measure. As a tropical storm, ...

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Tropical storm Franklin is gaining strength and could become a hurricane before the second landfall

Franklin is still holding on to a Tropical Storm status as of the latest updates. It has already made landfall across the Yucatan Peninsula. Heavy rain and gusty winds have already affected the region. But it’s not over yet. Now Franklin is preparing for 2nd landfall and this time it may gain hurricane strength. Franklin has emerged officially over the ...

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Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven forms and likely to develop into a Tropical Storm Franklin


These rains, as predicted, could produce life-threatening flash floods. Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven has been formed in the northwestern Caribbean sea and it is likely to become Tropical Storm Franklin tonight, according to National Hurricane Centre (NHC). NHC has been issuing advisories on Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven. It reads “while the system still lacks a well-defined centre of circulation, it’s ...

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Deadly Typhoon Noru kills two, became the 4th longest lived typhoon in North-West Pacific

Typhoon Noru

Typhoon Noru became the 4th longest lived typhoon in North-West Pacific and causing widespread damage in southern Japan. At least two people have been killed as this deadly and powerful typhoon slammed the region. On Yaku island, A 67-year-old man died after sustaining injuries while an 84-year-old was found floating in a port on Tanegashima island, Local Media reports. Deadly ...

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Tropical Storm Emily brings heavy rain to Florida

Emily photo

Tropical Storm Emily approaches to Florida with heavy rain, the wind and possible flash floods in its wake. Tropical Depression Six becomes the tropical storm Emily in the west of Tampa Florida Bay and warning of heavy rain issued for Southern and Central Florida. Reports said a tropical storm warning is in effect for Anclote River to Bonita Florida. National ...

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Noru is becoming this year’s first super Typhoon after Fujiwhara effect, posing threat to Japan

This year’s first Typhoon Noru has quickly been intensifying in the western Pacific ocean to a super one which is expected to pose a threat to Japan next week. A week ago Noru collaborated with previous tropical twister Kulap in the Fujiwhara effect, several reports suggested. It’s also learned that the super Typhoon Noru is equivalent to a Category 5 ...

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